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Geology 4L (Planet Earth Lab) is a one-unit stand-alone course that satisifes General Education Area B3 at SJSU. This course has no prerequisites or corequisites.

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Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the course.

Robert Hirsch, interviewed in Le Monde

German military study, in Spiegel Online

Week 2: Virtual Tour of the Solar System

Lab 3 links :
Ozone Class Ozone Tour Ozone For Teachers
p. 4 diagram p. 5 diagram

Lab 4 links :
in 1700

in 1750

in 1800

in 1850

in 1900

in 1950

in 1970

in 1990

Lab 5: The Gallery of Virtual Topography

Lab 10 links :
U.S. (Florida, etc.)
Population/Sea Level
U.S. (Texas/Louisiana)
National Environmental Trust animation: New York City
National Environmental Trust animation: Washington, DC
National Environmental Trust animation: Boston, MA
National Environmental Trust animation: Miami, FL

Faculty supervisor: Professor Richard Sedlock (sedlock@geosun.sjsu.edu)
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